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Usb Multi-pass Image Network

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Guest Deleted_Account

So in regards to this post by Trip I have decided to go ahead and start the whole Multi-Pass image upload deal.

This is how it works (These are only guidelines you can change it up if you want to :):

1) upload of the Multi-Pass ISO or IMG to torrent or other similar means.

NOTE: Please have the file size in the filename eg. my 4 GB flash drive image would be: {insert_file_name_here}4GB.IMG

2) Post link in a reply

3) Give a Brief Description of what is on it etc. an example will be bellow. You don't need to follow it to a T but just as guidance of what should be included.

4) Post the MD5 or SHA1 check sum of the file so users can check the integrity

5) Have a good time :)


File Name: x942_Multi-boot4GB.IMG

MD5: 2C7BBA0DAA33743F38D8F6C0680D3D03


Download: LINK (will post in a few mins as upload is taking forever!)


- PUPPY 4.31
- Pmagic 4.8
- Samurai Web Testing 0.7
-Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop
-Helix 2008 (it skips over when trying to select it for some reason)
-Ophcrack Live 2.3.1 (Vista and XP)
-Offline NT Password & Registy Editor

These ones have entries but the iso's aren't on there yet:
-DSL 4.4.10
-Ultimate Boot CD 5.01
-Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix

The menu.lst is HERE if that is all you want :)

******ALL Credit goes to Trip for the idea! Just wanted to get it started*****

EDIT: Added more details Bellow:

For those that aren't 100% are how to do this follow these directions:


On a linux OS become root

 su OR sudo su

Find your flash drive/sd Card in /dev/

now issue this command changing the SdaX to your external drive or where you want the .IMG file to be and SdbX to the drive you are imaging.

 dd if=/dev/sdbX of=/dev/sdaX/{FILE_NAME_HERE}.IMG

To restore to a new drive just:



Download and use Win32DiskImager.exe select the drive you want to image and using the folder icon specify the name and destination. Now hit READ. To recover select the IMG file and the drive and hit Write.

Torrents work best for the large files, however if you want to take the time there are a few filehosting sites that will host up to 10GB free. Just be warned uploads will take along time!

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Guest Deleted_Account
thanks dude this will help lots :)

... if you have a torrent ill host it whilst im not playing any games

I PM'd you with a link for the current torrent so you can grab it.

Also for anyone interested if this takes off i will make a dedicated FTP and torrent server after i upgrade my internet to business class that is ;)

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Guest Deleted_Account

darn I ended up going camping for the weekend just email or pm when you can ill be on all week in the afternoon.

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I added most of the distributions, I started with a big version of it. ISO then extract both the desktop or directly into the heart of the thumb drive (or can copy the files from the distro version of burning, provided it obtains from the file to the root of the thumb drive). Most Linux distro with 2 folders: Startup folder and another folder, you really like meat and potatoes distro.

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