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useless post

Guest zacharygriggs

Linux>>Windows Kill Command. (see post)  

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Guest zacharygriggs

as the title says this is a useless post

anybody ever switch from a heavily modified linux to a windows machine and find your self entering the kill command?

also anybody ever find yourself looking to the bottom right of your field of vision expecting to see a time display?

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Guest zacharygriggs
ever find yourself posting random things on forums?

-5 Redundant.

yes but at least this time i warned you and you chose to read it

I just wish someone would port the top command to windows, thats pretty much the most useful tool i've ever come accross.

and in a forum with so many 1337 h4x0r people noone has the time(even in the summer) to try to

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I often end up on a command prompt in Windows, and try stuff like ls and use / as opposed to in the directory names etc.

I don't miss kill since I can't use ps to get a process listing easily available on the command prompt either.

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