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The Windows Vs Linux Bullshit

wh1t3 and n3rdy

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I didn't have any idea who they guy was. Just what he said didn't make much sense.

There are many strange things with the Aussies, I have family out there now. I thought you all drank Foster's and were similar to us, I heard you don't drink Foster's and now this guy...

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lol @ this thread i've managed to avoid it for weeks hehe

... but someone said to me today

'i love linux and windows, but ubuntu is like a geeks version of windows 7'

which i agree with not to mention the fact that its free and open source

windows has gradually got worse, but linux just keeps getting better imo

im still a linux noob but learning lots every day ... and also growing fonder :)

The broke ass linux smartasses who think all other O.S. developers are out to shaft everyone.

they are aren't they ? :D

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i love ubuntu. its pure eye candy providing you have a good video card. iv ran red hat and mandrake in the past and some other cheesey linux distro that i cant remember the name. then i was back to windows for a long time. but now with the new ubuntu im totally in love. its so sexy. if you got compiz running there so many nice effects you can get.

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Foster's is good for a cheap fix.

Anyway, next you'll be telling me you don't have BBQ's on a daily basis. :rolleyes: Do you know what it was like when you had a crush on a teacher when you were 10? And those dreams come to an end... This is how I now feel towards Australia.

I was meant to be going for a wedding this December, I think I will pass now. Yes I was just going for the beer and BBQ's.

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should we start a very realistic, thread to compare not bash OS's? sorry to kind of bring this back up but it was suggested in the first page. it would be nice to compare it on three levels, community/support, software, hardware.

i think a good thread, would be a good idea just to compare the OS's. like you said tools is what they are, but it would be a nice project for the community to contribute to. so that people can compare them to make there choice.

let me know what you guys think.

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But... Are you saying let's ignore hardware? Drivers is a huge issue. If you do nothing with your system and use a new Dell laptop, you probably think it isn't.

If you open the hardware issue, well shit... Apple?

I'll give my opinion.


Notebook==MacBook Pro 13"(Dual booted)

Cheapy Notebook==Linux

I think a better question might be, does anyone want what they don't have? Is the mac price too much? I hope it is, it's silly money. I will not be walking into an Apple store and buy one. Second hand or nothing.

I should say, I don't believe in the resale valye argument. I buy them because the average Mac users replaces their system every time Steve coughs. So... I get a barely used system cheap. It's easy enough to check the bought date, mac users look after their stuff, because they're so worried about showing it off.

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