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Grub1 To Grub2 And Working


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OK so I was able to make my multipass with grub version 1 and was able to successfully get it working and fixed up to how i wanted it but when the show came out with the grub2 update to mount the ISO files I kept replaying it since it for some reason didn't seem to clear but I did what Darren said to do which was use the latest ubuntu distro from a live CD and did all the same commands

the problem is when i looked into the drives main folder all i could see was just the one folder it made everything else was gone (backed up everything of-course) and I attempted to boot it with a menu.lst file on it but i found myself at a grub2 screen that didn't show the menu.lst listings or anything.

I feel as if I have missed a step or am not doing something right since grub2 appears to be installed but not working correctly. any ideas anyone?

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