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Fingerprint Reader Software


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Hey there.

Today i got a Medion Fingerprint reader, and I think it works ok for a cheap fingerprint reader, I’ve got some software whit it, that is called Omnipass, I don’t really digg it if u know what I mean â€i really don’t like itâ€, it slows down my boot time whit about 10 seconds, and it hasn’t got a lot of features, it cant remember passwords from sites that i have logged into in Firefox only IE “that’s a major bummer if u ask meâ€, so i was thinking does anybody know of some software, that I can use for it or even some software that’s even better? I would prefer if it was free/opensurce but just tell me if u know any software that I can use whit it if it coasts $$$ or not :P ?

I have been on Medion's site looking for updates, drivers and stuff like that, but they dont eaven have the product there, so i only have what’s on the CD that I got whit it, that’s also 1 of the reasons I want to find some new software, cause if I have to be honest, I don’t like using software that’s newer going to get updated.

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I've got the M$ finger print reader and havn't really used it because it doesn't work with firefox. It came with some software called digitalpersona you could try that.

Anyway of getting it to work with FF?

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