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Select Sound Card For Stepmania In Ubuntu 10.04


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ubuntu 10.04

stepmania 3.9

2 audio cards

1 is onboard

2nd is SB Audigy

the sound works with the onboard (that jack is garbage) and I would like to know how to config stepmania.ini to choes the other card (I also dont know what to put in there) any help would be good

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Have you checked their website for more troubleshooting details.


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have yet to receive help on that and no its not for lack of trying

Didn't say you did not try, I was simply suggesting something to help you out.

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sorry kind of snapped been trying for the better half of two days to fix this

Nevermind dude, I know the frustration of trying to get something to work for days and it doesn't work. Could you tell me what exactly you are trying to do? Does the two sound cards work at all. I know your onboard sound works but what about the SB Audigy.

Is there any error message you are getting?

I am just trying to get a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish.



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