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Microsoft Gps Thingy


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Yeah, so ive got this microsoft GPS-500 thingy, would it be possible to use it somehow , when plugged in it does nothing just installs driver , isnt it possible to connect to it with some program called puTTy or something?

My goal would be to like see all the info passing through the GPS network like somebody did with a pinger

Pictures included.

WTF? it wont let me add pictures. Oh well.

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These work like storage devices as well as GPS. If you can access the SD card on it you can put your files on it. If it has no SD card, then you cant store files on them. As far as PuTTy, what did you think you were going to do with a GPS? Its not an OS, Router or such device that you would logon to. Its not network equipment. It may have some sort of communication with your operating system, but I think thats all done via USB and the drivers for updating maps and storing your music and files on the SD cards.

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Actually you can indeed listen to GPS units using PuTTY, since PuTTY supports connecting to serial devices, which many GPS devices are. Just point PuTTY at the serial port thhe GPS claims for itself and you should start receiving some data.

Edit1: You won't, however, be able to send data. Not only is the GPS likely to ignore any input you give it (except for basic configuration commands in some models), the GPS system is a one-way thing, a GPS receiver will not and simply cannot transmit data.

Edit2: Apparently it's a SirfStarIII device, decent chipset. Manufactured by a company called Pharos, there were 2 versions, USB and serial, judging by your post I'm guessing USB. Still, the process is the same, the driver has likely set up a virtual serial port, it'll work just the same as a real one, just point PuTTY at it, set the port to whatever the serial port of the GPS' drive is, baud rate to 4800 and connect, it should just work.

Edit3: Excuse Edit1, I misread your post. It's not possible to see the raw data as far as I'm aware, certainly not for the entire system, but you can at least watch the data your GPS unit spits out, it's all in text form and quite easy to read if you know what you're looking at. Do a little research on NMEA, it'll help you understand what the numbers all mean and what's what. It's quite interesting, I've looked into it myself, good luck and have fun!

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Thank you very much!

One question, (yes I am a total noob) how do I point putty at the gps thing?

Like when i point it at a serial port it gives an error.

What settings do I need to use and all?

EDIT:Added a picture


EDIT2:Got it to connect, but only gives out sàxxxàààø`x`x`æ~`xàxxfxxxxxxààààxxxààæàxxæààxxxxffxxæ`x`æ~xààààààààààààààx`x`æææxàxxfxxxxxxxæàààààààxxxàààø`x`x`æ~`xàxxfx~xxxxààààxxxààæàxxæààxxxxffxxæ`x`æ~xààààààààààààààx`x`æ~fàxxxxàxxxxxxxàxxxxxxxàxæxxxxxxàxàxxxxx~xøx`x`æ~fàxxxxàxxàxxxxxàxàxxxxxàxàxxxxxxàxàxxxxx~xøx`x`æ~fàxxxxàxàxxxxxàxxxxxxxàxàxxxxxàxøxxxxxx~xx`x`æææxàxxfx~xxxxxæàààààààxxxàààø`x`æ`x`æ~`xàxxfxxxxààààxxxààæàxxæààxxxxffx`x`æ~xààààààààààààààx`x`æææxàxxfxxxxxæàààààààxxxàààø`xæx`x`æ~`xàxxfxx

Like thats it not readable text

EDIT3: Nevermind I had the wrong baud rate

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