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Antenna Question

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Hey ordered a pineapple 2 and i was wondering about modding it for a second antenna i have seen in the close up's there is a second spot beside the original correct? if anyone has a link please share i have searched the forums but may not be looking in the right place. tyvm in advance

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All I could say is if you REALLY want to tear it apart, I would like to assume the following.

Solder Experience.

Electronics Background.

Pigtail w/ reverse SMA connector

2.4 Ghz Antenna

A little common sense is always good to have too... :P

I would say open it up and take a picture of it and put on here, maybe we can identify the right area. It should look exactly the same as the original antenna location (I would assume). Keep in mind you will need the right connector for an antenna that you will be soldering onto this board.

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thanks for the reply looking threw hacks and mod found one done by circuitdust http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16776

Solder Experience. << Yes over 10 years easy

Electronics Background. << Half/Half

Pigtail w/ reverse SMA connector << Just need Part number to order

2.4 Ghz Antenna << Just need Part number to order

A little common sense << ouch my brain lol

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Any 2.4 Ghz antenna with the right connector will work. My Cisco Aironet 1200 uses a larger connector (cant remember which) but as for getting a pigtail I plan on ripping apart old/unwanted/broken wireless G routers people I know don't want. De-soldering the antennas whip and connector.

Another note is... I talked to digininja and we are unsure if the openWRT will utilize dual antennas. At least on the fon. Not sure, I really should look at my webif to see if there is a setting...


OK, so I just fired up my webif and looked around. Under I think System main tab, then wireless sub tab I see this.


So it does look as if you can use dual antennas. Assuming webif applies the setting correctly...

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