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Trap\capture (?) And Force All Programs Thru Socks\proxy


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Hi everyone,

Basically I want what Proxifier does (www.proxifier.com), but want to do it myself/for free as money is really tight atm and I can't afford the ~$US40.

I have tried setting up OpenVPN server on my linux VPS but it fails when I try to load it due to some missing module and iptables issues, so gave up.

Anyone know of an easy-ish way to achieve what Proxifier does? --> trap and force all programs through a proxy?



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System Preferences -> Network -> <Select your network interface> -> Advanced -> Proxies


Hey Psychosis,

I've tried this but it doesn't do what I want it to; force every program through the proxy. Of course it does do it for *some* apps, but not a blanket-wide enforcement.

I'm trying to avoid having to enter proxy settings into every program I run (plus some don't even have the option) and OSX's proxy options don't cut it...unfortunately :-(.

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