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Hi all,

I finally got around to trying to build an interceptor with this Fon that I bought a while ago. Anyways, I followed the steps from http://www.digininja.org/interceptor/install_walkthrough.php and everything seemed to work fine until I reset it and tried to telnet to it. It will respond to pings, but when I try to telnet t it I keep getting "unable to connect to remote host". Now I have no clue what happened since the output I was seeing from redboot was exactly what was shown on digininja's walk through. I also ran nmap on it and the only open port it's finding is 9000 so it seems like the telent service isn't running. I also tried running redboot on it again and while it does find that that it's alive (ping) it can't connect to it. Any ideas?


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port 9000 is redboot port and if that is all you are getting it seems like you messed up redboot so it is starting but then failing. Basically redboot is the boot loader, mess that up and it doesn't know what to boot so just stops.

Have you tried running up the redboot.pl script then power cycling the fon? That should restart it and get you back in. It is very hard to kill reboot itself, I've done some bad stuff when playing with it and it has always come back up afterwards.

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