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They don't show up when you're looking for user jobs, who's logged in, etc, but ssh traffic via tcpdump clearly shows that pwned my CentOS 5.4 box. Googled the IP and its known bad and in a few firewall block rules published for helping n00bs avoid known bad hosts. Needed to rebuild that server anyhow .. just sharing.

PS I've been hooked on watching the Hak5 podcasts for about 4 months now whenever I'm on a plane.

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Just curious, How would one go about Blacklisting all IP address's from china or any other country?

How would you find them all out?


I suppose there is a range of IP adresses just for China...

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Block everything if you can from China and teach them a lesson, no offense but don't like them.

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Block China? :D But they the best eMule sharerers :) They have good BBS sites in English as well. They have freaking support websites for really major manufacturers as well. They have cheap stuff to easily buy with free shipping too. And chinese pr0n is not bad as well :) From time to time :D hahaha. Block freakin' China LOOOOOL ROFL :)

I bet the guy that got pwned haven't updated his puter in years and that he was running services in a way that should not have been run :) That puter could have easily been pwned by a script, via a sheell account, a proxy, a relay, you name it.

I have no reason to dislike any country. Take p2p communities for example. There are people from freakin' everywhere that seem to be very good sharerers, have excellent comments and seem generally good people.

And about finding out a country's IPs: those are generated by BGP looking glasses. Mostly used for policy routing and bandwidth management. Not for blocking.

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