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website facelift

Darren Kitchen

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Just wait until Hak.5 is more famous, copyright your trademarks and sue for the domain? Think you can even do it in a UK court under some bizare legal loophole, thus if you win the loser pays for the whole shebang.

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I was on the phone with godaddy today since I thought the domain expired today, but it was a while since I whois'd them and they must have rereg'd since then. I mentioned the whole cybersquatting thing and the sales guy said basically I'm fucked and if I want the domain my best bet is to contact them an d see if they'll sell it to me (which is extortion basically).

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Always thought it came down to the ownership of the trademark. If your trading under tha name hak5 and the people holding hak5.com are a: doing zip with it & b: asking for money you can use the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (1999) as leveage.


Just seems to come down to how much money your whilling to throw at the situation.

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