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[Version 1] Pics Of Ney Boards, Shields And Packaging

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One unit is a Teensy 2.0 with an on board SD adapter for storage. The other is a larger Teensy 2.0++. I'm working on making swappable shields for both so that they can be re-purposed with little trouble (better to burn up a 50 cent piece of perf board/headers than a $20 microcontroler). I'm doing this by soldering male/female headers to both so I can just snap them together to make electrical contact. Notice on the back side of the boards I've made a line for common ground for the DIP switched and other inputs. Also, I'm working on packaging the units by making a jacket out of heat shrink plastic I can snap on and off.






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woa thanks there m1k, new to EE and didn't even know that rotary dip's existed, you've just saved me ages and loads of code (was thinking pot with rgb LED)

thanks again

and looking good irongeek

not too sure if I like the light sensor idea tho.. don't plan on leaving my baby somewhere else :P


just noticed they say "• Washable"

does anyone know if the teensy is washable?

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