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[multipass] Add Avg Rescue Tool To Your Multipass


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Hi there,

I have added AVG Rescue tool to my USB Multipass.


Download the AVG Rescue tool from http://www.avg.com/ie-en/avg-rescue-cd

Extract it into a folder 'AVG' on your USB,

than add following code to your menu.lst:

# ---   AVG Repair tool   ---
title AVG Repair tool
kernel /AVG/vmlinuz rw vga=791 initrd=/AVG/initrd.lzm init=/AVG/linuxrc
initrd /AVG/initrd.lzm
# ---

Hope you like it :)

If you got some comments, let me know.


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i added this to my multipass and i had to respecify some file paths. the first time i loaded the code in and ran it, it game me a error about not being able to boot. i changed the path from AVG/filename to AVG/isolinux/filename and then to AVG/usb/filename. that game me a long error message with a kernel panic. i then changed it to AVG/isolinux/filename and to AVG/isolinux/filename. one being vmlinuz and the other initrd.lzm

it would say booting AVG repair tool and then shut my flash drive off and keep a blank screen. something im missing here?

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This is not 'exactly' the right place for this, but it relates to the avg rescue tool...

I have found that they [avg] compiled their kernel with broadcom wireless support (not a module); this is causing a hang on boot. Any other laptop I would just pop out the card till I was done, but this is a netbook that would require it nearly be striped completely to get at.

Any thoughts? Should I recompile the kernel? If so, what sources?

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