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another good ol noob question


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Dells are like the cats you get from the cat shelter. Yes they've been abused but with a little TLC there all good.

nice analogy haha

mama mia mama mia let me go

I is linux disto like a toy for the "cat"

To secure your computer, all you have to do is unplug it from the net, incase it in lead, and burry it under some concrete.

i thought that was just for windows box's

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At my home I use a SonicWall TZW as my firewall, and I am running Snort as an IDS, but it's not set up very sophisticated or anything, just some basic rules set up. I don't have any anti-virus software.

My home network is not very large, so it's not really practical for me to worry about intrusions, or worry about running scans on my own network to test our it's security, because I pretty much know how secure it is based on the few devices on the network.

There are way too many security tools out there for me to name, but I use quite a bit when assesing a network. Some of my favorites include nmap, brutus, nikto, dsniff, wireshark, THC IPv6 Attack Toolkit... list goes on.

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