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A Welcome Piece Of Kit?


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It won't work. They never have, and never will.

If people want a gaming/high graphics performace machine, they buy a Desktop with a good card or a beefy laptop. The rest don't really care enough about graphics to go spending a lot of money on something like that.

Also, who has a PCI Express slot anyway? :P

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My 3 year old laptop does as well, which, at the time, was a pain because there where no wireless adapters available for Express slots, admittedly it had a built in adapter, but it had rubbish driver support at the time.

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Any serious gamer probably wouldn't use an external solution like this (hell, probably wouldn't use a laptop at all if he/she can help it).

Any casual gamer will have a laptop rather than a regular PC for its portability, and this thing I feel is too bulky to be portable.

And anybody who is less than a casual gamer will be happy with whatever's built-in.

Interesting to the techno-geek in me, but utterly useless.

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