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Shared Imap Account Not Syncronised

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Hi Everyone,

I wonder if you can help me, we run a family business and we have a contactus@mydomain.com email, this is hosted by our webhost. I then have 3 seperate Outlook 2003 clients configured. It used to work so that if one of the three users deleted or read an email the other two clients would all synchronise eventually. This worked great.

However we moved the MX record and upgraded to 2007 at the same time and now this doesn't work any longer. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure if this would be a setting on the server or if i've not got the Outlook config quite right.

Any help would be much appriciated.



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It sounds like that you mail client is not properly configured with IMAP. Try checking the imap settings again or recreate your outlook profile.

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