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There is so much shit on tv


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was watching a metal music tv channel today and afi


started playing...fucking emo wankers :@

they also have the stupidest lyrics ever

<melodic> hey miss murder can i?

* You are now known as miss_murder

<miss_murder> no you can fucking not

<miss_murder> fuck of you emo prick

* You are now known as melodic


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There is very little on TV that is worth watching. I rarly watch any channles but BBC 1, 2, 3 and may be News 24 if there is some thing interesting happening. It's got to the point where if I want to watch TV simpley for the sake of watching TV I realy don't want to be hassled by advertisments. So now I primerily watch the BBC, I might watch another channle if there is a movie I want to watch. That fact that I primerily watch the BBC is good becasue most of the stuff that is worth watching is on the BBC.

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I just started watching the new season’s of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis which are really well written and strong show’s, other then that I’m watching the new season of the 4400 which isn’t very good this year.

In the UK you get loads of music channels:



MTV Hits

MTV Base

MTV Dance



VH1 Classic


The Box


Smash Hit’s




Chart Show TV

The Vault


The Hits

Classic FM TV

Channel U





Musicians Channel

R Music TV

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Wow... afi are still going? I used to listen to them back in the 90's. As for TV, we don't have freeview, cable or sky, and whats left sucks. Plus I have flat mates who really like big brother. So I don't watch TV, just torrent cartoons and scifi, usually from the states.

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I only watch a select few shows on terrestrial TV. "Arrested Development" has to be my all time favourite show ever.

Besides that, it's mainly good old british comedy (The Young Ones, Men Behaving Badly, The Office, Alan Partridge etc), a couple of decent aussie shows (CNNNN, The Chasers War On Everything), and of course, my beloved IPTV ;)

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Guest zacharygriggs
The only shows that I watch:

Fox sundays from 8:00 - 10:00



Discovery & History Chanel

thats prety much it

holy fuck same (almost) here

i don't watch 24 but like comedy central

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