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Cowpatty And Genpmk

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Hi everyone 1st sorry for my english i´m portuguese :) sunny place at the end off europe with many beaches and great people. :rolleyes:

I work as an IT on a company in portugal and since leaving the news that the state's computers were hacked walk a certain paranoia with network security as a good worker sought solutions to test the networks that i am administrator and found found solutions with BT4 but also got a big problem as i am working systems are in Portuguese dictionaries and rainbow tables attacks or lookuptables they do not work because the dictionaries and rainbow tables were made with English phrases and we are Portuguese and we do not use English words so i wonder if anyone has any idea how to create a dictionary well structured in order to use with genpmk a tool off cowpatty to do rainbow or lookuptables and if someone has an idea what program to used to modify the pass which already have like ex: from password to pa$$w0rd or p4SSw0rd in 1 hak5 program in June 17, 2009 they spoke in jon the riper then what do i want :) ?

Had no idea that wep key was so easy on 2 test router smc 7 minutes on a cisco wep key also with deautentication on 2 hours in all three routers did injection packages with no clients on even with a powerful router cisco it was possible to penetrate.

1 - how to make god dictionaries well structured

2 - some small lights around the time it takes to run with the genpmk dictionary ex: 40 mb and which commands are more to use on genpmk ex: genpmk -f dictionaries -d test -s linksys is this right ?

3 - some small lights about the program jon the ripper what he does and if there is some better, i am assuming that the program is to modify passwords

4 - I have wintgr.exe but dos cowpatty read .rt files ? and if cowpatty reads what do i use md5 / wps-psk / lm ???

I also have a tool given to me by the isp provider that is my friend that gives you the wpa default key for the router

Thomson router´s only ex: Thomson65C749 speedtouch.exe -i 65C749 -v and gives you the default password for the router good wen you need to reset the router and do not have the label containing the password

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