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Restoring Zipit Original Kernel


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Does anyone know if it is possible to restore the original kernel that was copied during the flash? I have successfully run the debian image and played around with it but there isn't much to do. Just doesn't seem worth the $50 so I would like to try and send it back.

I'm sure they wouldn't like the OpenZipit "Penguin" popping up when I try to return it ;)

I am hoping there is some way to do this without a serial flash because I have a bootable device right now.

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The open zipit project is about exploration, so yeah its $50 but that not bad for a little hackory! :)

I'm not sure right off hand though I'm sure you could revert much the same way if you can get a copy of the original kernal then just use that during installation. In fact I know theres a serial mod that'll allow you to reinstall, I don't know if that'll work for installing the original kernal tough.

Maybe keep it, You know you can play mpeg1/2 video on it, it'll do mp3s.

Video streaming over network, etc.

It's a nice little device and the more people hack around with it the nicer it'll be.

Checkout my wiki mirror, it has some original articals from myself in it http://wiki.zipitzone.com I don't know if I'm keeping the site up though as I don't have much free time theses days and the sites not really used much but maybe it'll be of use to you.

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