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Software Recommendations For Streaming Audio To Your Website


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I have been looking for quite a while to find a decent software (to run on either linux or windows, depending on which works the best) to stream audio from my home network to an embedded player on my website.

Any recommendations

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Try vibestreamer works perfectly on windows and have used it for years its good and free too. It comes with its own web interface where you can choose the music you wanna play and a listen too.


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Streaming to multiple website visitors should be done through software installed on the web server. Icecast for example can be installed on Linux or Windows. Use a local audio player such as VLC that supports the Icecast protocol. The audio is then streamed from your local system to the server, before going out to all the listeners.

Another option is to use a hosted streaming service, such as Ustream.

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well, its not just to stream mp3's, i also want to stream live as well, as in do internet talk show and stuff, at least audio, i use ustream for video already.

thanks for the suggestions

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