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Recommendations For A Notebook?

Adam Shore

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I want to get a new (well if you call getting it off ebay new ;) ) notebook, for general security testing and playing around, as my current laptop virtually invisible in the developers world..

ANYHO.. Any recommendations? .. Was thinking acer aspire one ;)

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You need to be a lot more clear about what type of things you intend to do with your laptop, your budget, features you want, features you don't really care about etc. I like business class machines like the Dell E-Series, HP EliteBook and Lenovo Thinkpads, but you will pay a premium for them, and you can get next day, on-site warranty repairs with these type of machines.

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I have one of the original EEE 702's. It came with an 8GB ssd, 1GB DDR2 ram, and a 900mhz celeron scaled to 600mhz. I have upgraded the ram to 2GB and added a mugen 6-cell battery for ~7hrs total real battery life.

It has been a great machine and I still use it almost daily. I've done everything from taking notes to running presentations and even some light video editing. It is a stable machine and built like a tank (thanks mostly to its small size which eliminates a lot of case bending found in larger notebooks).

I've taken two C++ courses at my university so far. Every assignment I turned in was written, debugged, and compiled using my EEE.

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