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Well I am learning Python and I think the best way to learn is make programs which are away from the tutorials just something different to the examples. Because I personally think creating something from scratch and researching about it is the best way, but I don't have any idea's on what to code apart from the basic's but I would like some suggestions to act upon.I just want to have some ideas to adapt and then create something new for me, mind since I am starting python it is all quiet new.



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I am in a similar situation, and just wrote a program that encrypts/decrypts text files using the Vigenere Cipher ( http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16586 ). Why not write a program that cracks my cipher?

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Do both. Follow tutorials and code to learn. I just coded to learn and I found my code sometimes awful because I didn't know more efficient ways of doing it (because I already knew away). Or when I started to learn OOP that was a beast.

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It wasn't either, it was wanting to program a GUI, but all of them used Object Orientation. I was going through a podcast called Python411 and one was on OOP, as I listened to that, OOP finally clicked and how it all came together and worked.

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