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Rainbow Tables and How I paid $60 to get my ipod stolen

Darren Kitchen

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Parking in Manhattan is a bitch. The New Yorker Hotel is crappy. But that's another rant. This post is just so I can vent real quick.

My iPod was stolen from Wess' car by the valet.

That punk. And ya know what? I could care less about the music, I had that backed up. But now I have to redownload my rainbow table set.

On the bright side there wasn't any sensitive data on the disk.


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When will we see the first portable media players that can run some thing like TrueCrypt nativly and while the OS of the player is loaded from a unencypted volume every thing else is on a encypted volume and it uses your finger print as part of the key?

Obviusly the point of this isn't to make the player unusable to theives (since that is practicly imposible), but it will at least hassle them since they will have to reinstall the OS on to the player and they lose any thing and every thing on it. The main point is to keep your data safe.

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Wouldn't it just be easiyer to have your name engraved in the back or something? Bit harder to sell something you've stolen when your name isn't the one on the back.

Or, Apple could use an IMEI like system and simply lock any iPod thats reported stolen or lost when its next hooked into iTunes.

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