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Airbase-ng / Fake Ap Works For Non-encrypted Fake Aps. But Not For Wpa(2)?


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Hi folks,

i use BT4F (on VM) + ALFA + latest aircrack-ng 1.1 of course

everything is working just excellently if i set the fake AP with airbase-ng without any encryption.

my dhcp3 give the VIC an ip etc.

BUT it does not work if i only try to add/change the encryption to WPA/WPA2/WEP with -z or -Z (1-4)

what happens:

- on my linux machine everything looks good.

- the VIC machine can see the fake IP with the WPA(2)/WEP encryption but it cant connect.

the VIC machine tries to get the ip form the fake AP but it does not work and he fails.

- on my linux machine, the DHCP server does NOT show anything / no reaction at all.

(again: it does react perfectly if the fake-AP has no-encryption)

My question:

- does airbase-ng work with encryption at all?

- if yes, what else should I change to make it work? any suggestions?

Thanks for your help ppl

see ya


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Hi Menew,

This link shows you how to set up Airbase-ng as a fake AP


Regarding your question, whether it can be set up with WPA(2)/WEP, at the moment its not possible, may be on the next version.

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