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Tracing Img Data


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I am trying to find out who leeked a photo from work about a new logothe img is floting around , I want to follow the img source to see whare the orgnal img came from, such as if i send a img to someone and after they look at it there shuld be a variable that changes a little kind of like a time stamp, i want to see if it has been thro verious senders and such, i no this is not a normal task but i think being able to gain this kind of information sould be very valuable,

their has to be a way to trace an img, plase give your imput.

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You can't trace a file just from the file (well, most of the time). If it's hosted on a web server there might be a time stamp as to when it was uploaded, but that can be falsified any way.

Best approach to tracking files is to look at all server logs you have access to with regard to communication and file access, look at user logs of all the users that have access to that file and, of course, email and web access logs for all the users that have access to the file.

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