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Lorcon-old Trac Server Offline? Airdrop-ng Rendered Useless?


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the link in the airdrop-ng install.py script to lorcon-old is no longer active. this means airdrop-ng is rendered useless to anyone who didnt get lorcon-old installed before it went offline. i have searched the internet for hours and found only one possible solution, lorcon (unknown version) packaged with airPWN. unfortunately it didnt allow airdrop-ng to run so it seems we are out of luck. if anyone has it can they put the files+instructions somewhere for everyone else?

btw the link in the install.py was http://802.11ninja.net/svn/lorcon/branch/lorcon-old

thanks for the help.

(comcast gives me wierd error page when i go there in firefox. i hate to believe that it is censored... but it could be.

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