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[Version 1] Tutorial?

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There is really nothing to assembly to test most of the code everyone has written,

For Teensyduino:

just download the Arduino IDE (here)

install the teensyduino plugin (here)

start coding.

For C:

Install gcc-avr (linux, also needs extra deps) or Win-AVR (windows... duh)


upload with teensy loader.


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There are 4 tutorials about Teensyduino. The first one just walks you though installing the software.


The other 3 involve hooking up electronics on a breadboard, which may or may not interest you so much. To do those, you really need a Teensy with pins (or solder header pins onto your Teensy), and also the breadboard, parts and wire. All that stuff is pretty cheap, but then if you're starting from nothing it does add up.

But if you just want to control a PC, just look at the examples of using Keyboard.print(), Mouse.move(), etc. There's documentation and examples on these pages:



There's also an experimental alpha release of 0.9 which gives you the option of making Teensy be a disk and keyboard. The first time you run it, the disk gets populated with a readme file that give you instructions about how to seed it with your own files (eg, just make a directory in a certain place and put the files there).

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