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Jetdirect Direct Printing Server


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Ok, I have a Linux based attendance system, I have no access to the system other than a web config and that only allows me to specify an printer IP address.

I can print to 90% of the printers I have on site here (Network HP printers), what I am looking to do is setup a print server that will take the RAW data from the device when it prints and convert it to PDF and email.

I've tried a couple of print server solutions including YAFPC 7 and also Brooks RPM however both require you to use a LPR / Queue name, which I am unable to specify on my Linux device.

I've come across Anzio's Print Wizard which listens on 9100 and accepts the RAW input will redirect it to another printer, I am waiting for the USA to wake up so I can give their support a call and find out about the conversion / email step (which the product claims to do, but the configuration isn't avaliable within the software), worst case I could use a PDF printer and use a combo of both products.

Has anyone had to do anything similar? Am I missing something simple here? I did look online for any source code samples prehaps listening on port 9100 and handling incoming traffic, but I found nothing (strange as it seems simple)

Any help would be appreciated.

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I read somewhere that you can use NetCat to forwarding/redirect jobs to a printer.

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