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Using Tor For Shell


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A better way to do this is by using socat to create a local tunnel. This works with any software that doesn't have native SOCKS proxy support. I once wrote this crappy script to make it easy:

# crudely shutsdown socat (if running) and then restarts it for new host/port
# by sahal http://scr.im/sahal

# you can now connect to localhost:4242
# as if you were connecting to $1:$2
# using SOCKS proxy $orlisadr:$orport

# usage: ./socatchk remote-host remote-port

#SOCKS listen port 
#SOCKS listen address

[ "$(pidof socat >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo $?)" = 0 ] && kill $(pidof socat); [ "$(pidof socat && echo $?)" != 0 ] && sleep 3s; socat TCP4-LISTEN:4242,fork SOCKS4A:$orlisadr:$1:$2,socksport=$orport &

Just put that in a file 'socatchk' make it executable (chmod +x socatchk) and launch it (./socatchk remotehost remoteport) Now try to connect to localhost:4242. You should connect to the remote site (remotehost:remoteport) on any software that doesn't support SOCKS proxies natively.

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