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[Version 1] Ducky Pineapple Assist

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I had an idea to use the Ducky when plugged into a Windows 7 machine to create an open wireless connection "linksys" that would always try to connect automatically. Of course, if you are physically plugging in a Ducky into someone's laptop, you are within range of them so why not have a pineapple close by to accept the initial "linksys" SSID as noted above?

My typical Pineapple/Jasager is setup as such:


Jasager connects to my BackTrack4 laptop with forwarding/ICS.

BT4 laptop connects via Wireless to a legit Access Point with internet access.

Clients connect to Jasager.


Myself and my co-worker went to a cafe and it had an open linksys router. When I used kicked all clients from it in an attempt to have my pineapple intercept all traffic. My co-worker's laptop connected back to the original AP and noted the pineapple as "linksys 2".

My goal is to find a command line way to have the USB Rubber Ducky change wireless config of Win7 to allow the jasager to function as it does with XP. Win7 I think does something different as stated above in my scenario I tried. So I'm trying to ask the community for some methodology on how to accomplish this. I've looked into netsh wlan, but I think you need an Administrator cmd. If I'm wrong about how Win7 works with wireless please enlighten me for I do not have a Win7 laptop. But for whatever reason my co-worker's laptop refused to connect to Jasager when all other clients (XP, blackberry devices) did.

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