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[Version 1] Disable Mouse

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Everyone like blinking lights :P, I was playing about with the keyboard LED's and I found that the mouse doesn't work for about half a second after you press the lock keys. I used Num Lock for this, because Caps lock would kinda mess up the typing.

void setup(){}
void loop(){
void numlock(){

let me know what you think.


just tried it in my XP box and it doesn't work. So IDK what systems it will work for

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Ayee, nice idea here.

Also, you can just stick their mouse to the top left corner with:

void setup() { }
void loop() {
  while(1) {

You don't even need the while statement if this is the only program on the ducky

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Only one way to find out... lol.

That and this little processor is looping a small bit of code really really fast. With no delays in that small mouse move code, i doubt they could fight it. The only thing they could do is use the keyboard to navigate. So add a click in there and they cant navigate at all practically. To make Vista/7 users really angry, move mouse to bottom right corner of the screen to hide/ghost all windows, or click to minimize all :P

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