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hey first of all i should prolly introduce myself my name is Sean aka Sobe and im more of a graphic designer then a "hacker" as you will see,

im looking for a program such as ProRat, Sub7 but fully undetectable where i can create a "server" because ProRat servers are detectable now since they are old and i cant find anything else im hoping you guys can help me out.

thanx in advance


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If you are looking for Remote Administration then the various flavours of VNC or RDP/Terminal Services are more than adequate.

However from the wording of your post I gather you are looking for something a little less ethical and likely very illegal. While I know that many people here including myself walk the line of morality very carefully I highly doubt anyone here will be willing to help you with what you are seeking. I'm not quite sure what lead you to believe these forums would be a receptive ear for your request.

If you are looking for an instant just add water type "hack" to get into your friends computer then I suggest you go elsewhere. Any semi-intelligent "n00b" with a few VB(or other easy language) tutorials can whip up a trojan type program rather quickly, I know because I used to be one of them when I was younger. I guess it was a good step for me, I discovered I enjoyed programming more than ejecting some idiots cdrom tray. If and when you get over this "phase" and start to seek a zenlike understanding of computer security, then I suggest that you become good friends with google and start to ask informed questions.

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