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Usb Bootable Problems

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So Fedora 12's grub freaked out last night and well, forunately, i was about to switch to Ubuntu 10.04 (long story short i was using the beta until it freaked out from a kernel update and switched to fedora 12 as i waited for the full release). Now here are my problems first i am running BT4 on my HDD right now:

1) Unetbootin creates bootable ISO but networking wont work (even though it sees my card which is an atheros)

2) dd command wont boot says 'missing operating system'

3) Copy files and instal Grub fails as well

Any ideas? I have never had these problems before (except with BT4 which i always presumed it was the ISO since redownloading fixed it as well as help from my friend.

Thank you,


PS: YES i checked the MD5 of the ISO as well as redownloaded it 2 more times! :@

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Guest Deleted_Account

hey sorry for the bump but i didnt want to start a new thread for this post:

I got ubuntu to work and install but after installing it my BT4 wont use my atheros any more the ath5k drivers quit out for good. I have tried installing madwifi dirver over and over to know avail any one know how to fix it to get them to work? i never used to have any problems with ath5k till now reinstall didnt fix it either. Madwifi installs and i went through the black listing process and then my WIFI card wont be detected by ifconfig at all.

Thanks for any help :)

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