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Why An Alfa?


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Many people (here and elsewhere) rant and rave about their love of the ALFA usb w-nics, but why? The rx/tx is nice, and it supports monitor and injection... but really, many cards can do this. I have also seen that most of the time, even when the alfa can see an AP and clients where another card can not, there usually is so much in the way of packet loss that it doesn't matter anyway.

Also the alfa doesn't support master mode (real, not the airbase version), so that would seem a big loss of 'feature'.


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I think they seem to work a lot better in some occasions than may other wireless adapters out there, even though they support monitor and packet injection, besides Alfa Cards are designed specifically for wireless hacking. I may be wrong, but that's what I think.

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i chose an alfa simply because i couldn't find an expresscard 54 slot type wireless card for my new laptop...because some dick in their infinite wisdom suddenly thought that pcmcia formats were obsolete and a bad idea.

the alfa is small, usb, has a detechable antenna with a standard smc connector and features a linux friendly realtek chipset.

so yeah ...

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