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[Version 1] [coding] Strings Help

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How do I concatenate and pass strings? From what I understand, hardcoded strings have to be PSTR()'ed so that they end up on the Teensy, and they then run from program memory, such as:

typeString( PSTR("Hello, World!") );

Reading that string seems to be painful. Currently, my typeString function is defines as:

void typeString(const char* string);

Except it appears not to be a standard character array. From what I've seen, char[0] should return 'H', but it isn't, and to return each character in the string, I need to use:

char c;
while ( c = pgm_read_byte(string++) )
// Do Something

Which is complex enough for me. But how do I concatenate two strings, such as PSTR("Hello, ") and PSTR("World!") ?

I'm currently trying:

char* str1 = PSTR("Hello, ");
char* str2 = PSTR("World!");
char* helloworld = malloc( strlen(str1) + strlen(str2) + 1);
strcpy(helloworld, str1);
strcat(helloworld, str2);

This causes all code after this to not execute, leading me to think it's segfaulting.

I've tried sprintf, but I get the following compiler error:

strings.c:46: warning: implicit declaration of function 'sprintf'

strings.c:64: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'sprintf'

What am I doing wrong, and how do I do it right?


Edit: OK, I've made some progress:

PGM_P hello = PSTR("Hello, ");
PGM_P world = PSTR("World!");

char* newstr = malloc( strlen_P(hello) + strlen_P(world) + 1);

strcpy_P(newstr, hello);
strcat_P(newstr, world);


However this only prints out "World!". The first string is getting lost somewhere.

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Sorry, didn't realize you were using C, please ignore this :)

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Azn suggested in IRC simply typing two strings in a row, as concatenation is an expensive task. I may have to go with that.

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Can't you just do

string a = "Hello, ";
string b = "world!";

string hw = a+b;


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