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[Version 1] Metasploit Payloads


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I've been working on several ideas on identifying the OS, killing the firewall, AV (if possible) and installing persistent reverse metasploit payloads (especially -x msfencoded ones) from a remote server using the teensy.

I'm just waiting to get my teensy as I'm in the UK and will post more on the wiki once I have fully tested my code.

If anyone else has been working on something similar please let me know!

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We can't do much at the moment without additional storage on the teensy, even though Paul is working on it.

If we download them from ftp (or whatever) it will probably set off the fw, so not much we can do at this stage.

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As always its just the mater of finding the time, but I've been working on the OS detection, disabling UAC and firewall side of things first and made good progress, after that it's a walk in the park.

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