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Is it wrong that i'm excited by perl 6?


Is it wrong that i'm excited by perl 6?  

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    • No, that's what being a geek is all about!

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for all you guys that don't know, there's been a rewrite of the perl programming language, perl, into perl 6. it's not going to be 100% backwards compatible with the old perl.

Cool things about it include the fact that it's going to be faster and easier to write code for, and that it's the foundation for parrot, a virtual machine that's going to be able to run code written in almost any programming language.

the point is not how cool perl6 is going to be, cos it is, but the fact that i'm excited by a new language, or a remake of an old language. whatever

i've been learning c++, and found it to be too big a pain in the arse for situations where i don't really care that much about performance but instead about just completing a particular task. i was going to go learn python, but now have a much better choice

does everyone else here share my excitement?

do you guys think that mabey i should be more excited by, let's be honest, normal stuff, like sports and stuff like that?

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No ur not dude. Perl is just fucking nice. Add on CPAN and its almost porno. Not sure what perl 6 can do.... but ive heard good thing. Need a decent resource on it from a perl expert really.

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Perl is really nice to work with, they have a load of new and improved features in Perl 6.

lets hope they've include multiple line comments! I had to use a third party library so i could do this:







oh and:

elsif instead of elseif... bad perl makers.... bad!

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