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Generating Rainbow Tables On A Clustered Environment.


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Hi Community,

I am thinking in building a clustered environment system with over 10 pcs, using 4TB of storage in a raid 0 configuration, with a motherboard supporting dual processors that will give a total of 8 cores per node.

Each node will have a total of 16GB of ram and they will be using Cluster Knoppix, but I am not sure what program to use for generating the rainbow tables in this kind of environment.

I just need some kind of software that will split the workload among these nodes when generating the rainbow table. I have done hours of research on the internet but could not find any good solution.

Can any one suggestion or recommend anything that would work for this kind of system.

Your responses will be much appreciated and thank you all in advance.

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Does anyone know of a software that can generate rainbow tables over a cluster of computers. I still can't find a software that is capable of doing that. I can generate rainbow tables using Winrtgen but I am not sure whether it will work with Cluster Knoppix though

I hope anyone can help me, thank you and sorry for being a pain.

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After spending hours researching on the internet I stumbled across this software called BOINC Client. Which is not exactly what I was expecting. I wish to use my own clustered computers to do the work for me, not someone else computer or network.

Has anyone got any ideas, as to how to generate rainbow tables, using your own distributed system.

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