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Openvpnas And Linux Clients


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Choosing to settle with OpenVPN's appliance to serve as a VPN solution for my wife and I, mostly due to the easy client side connection for my wife I am left with trying to figure out a good way to connect from a linux client.

I have a dual boot system on my laptop and when at work I connect to the vpn through a Linux virtual machine. OpenVPN is tested and works from the server at home, The wife has no problems connecting through Windows nor do I. What I would like to find though is a better solution for working with linux clients. I am by no means well versed in Linux. Currently I have the vpn working with my virtual machine just by creating a launcher on the desktop this opens terminal and runs openvpn. What I cannot seem to figure out and have not found a solution through the OpenVPN site is how to change from an automatically loaded dns (dhcp here at work, or even an open wifi) to the dns server at home when connected to vpn. When I first set this up the virtual machine here at work could connect however it would still use dns through the network here. I have since just manually entered the dns server address at home in the network config (xubuntu) and that works only when connected to vpn. I found the shortcoming this morning when trying to connect and the virtual machine could not resolve the dynamic dns to reach the vpn server. Ended up manually correcting the client config file to just point to the current IP. This of course will fail the next time that my home IP address changes. Has anyone dealt with this issue and found a good way to change between dns servers when connecting with a linux client on OpenVPN and the ability to go back to automatic when not connected?

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