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BSc(hons) in Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures


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is now being offered at a british university - Dundee in fact, - I wonder who they are going to get to teach it? The old profs or l33t young hackers :wink: .


I would love to do a course like this but I'm past the spending 3 years studying full time phase.

I've done a quick google and this is the only one I can find.Is this the first hacking degree course or do they exist in the states?

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I have just finished studying at abertay doing a computing networks course. One of the modules was about network security and the guy in charge (who seemed to know his stuff) said he would be helping teach this new course.

The module i did, which is included in the course, included basic stuff such as ports and a little vb programming to show basic networking code and things you can do once you get someone to run a .exe file on their pc.

If i were to go back i would most certainly consider the course, looks like a lot of fun and probably something you could build a career from.

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"Those who can, do, those who can't teach†comes to mind when I hear about people that teach this stuff at university, don’t get me wrong people that run courses in the corporate world are generally very good at what they do, the guys behind Black Hat are good at what they do and come from an security/ programming background, that’s how they justify the amount of money they charge.

My main issue is hardly anyone that are good at what they do would go and teach at a university/ college, as the pay is terrible and that’s why they get third rate people.

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But then again the real "brains" who work on the designing and implementing high level crypto systems are more in it for the sake of it - and quite often are based at and work within uni's?

Yes but they work in the best universities/ collages and get a very good salary, 98% of universities/ colleges don’t have the money to be able to pay the salaries that the MIT’s and Oxford’s of the world can.

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