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I am trying to make my own payload which will run when a usb drive is inserted in to a pc. I then want it to copy the payload to the computer and then copy to any other usb drive when entered.

Is this possible?

I know that one payload copys itself to usb drives when entered just not sure how its done.

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It is.

Which language do you want to use ?

I advice you native C/C++.

If you want something silent (I guess), don't forget to check for read-only usb storage, and disk free space, to avoid annoying messages.

edit : you will not be able to write your payload in the cd-rom emulated part of the usb drive.

If you think about writing your payload for automatic lauching with U3, it is not possible, because U3 autorun is located on the read-only part. You also will not be able to edit the autorun.inf, for the same reason.

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