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Macbook + Alfa + Open Mesh + Jasager + Sidejacking (not Working)

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Hoping somebody can help with my sidejacking issues....as I cannot figure out how to make it work. I think i am not sharing the connection properly ... I have been following this guide: http://www.h-i-r.net/search/label/evilwifi

Here is my config so far


Ethernet (en0):

Airport (en1): (connected to wifi network "buffalo" and has internet accessible)

ALFA usb (en3): (connected to wifi network "buffalo" and has internet accessible)

ALFA's connection is shared:

internet connection is shared to ethernet (en0)

web sharing is shared to ethernet (en0)


Karma: UP

Victim WinXp: Connects to ssid "jassyTest"and get but I cannot navigate to any other website... so I tried again with connecting to "buffalo" a ssid put up by jasager and get an ip but I cannot ping anthing...not even the 62.x.x.x gateway...

Hope somebody can help troubleshoot..


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If you are getting an 62.* address then it is getting a public IP which means something odd is giving out the dhcp addresses, find out what that is and kill it

Sorry I should have elaborated... I have a dhcp server giving out to associated with ssid "buffalo". Tried keeping the ip scheme completely different than the 192.x.x.x

BTW great work,

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Do you really have the whole public class C to yourself or does Tiscali give out public IPs to any devices on the network that ask for one?

I think it is your IP ranges that are causing your problems. When you said you associated with buffalo which was put up by Jasager, do you mean that you changed the ESSID from openwrt to buffalo. What about the buffalo AP that en1 is connected to, how do you know that the laptop hasn't connected to that rather than Jasager.

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