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I was wondering what you guys did to keep an eye on your home servers or big servers you work on? Keeping check of logs can be tough and being on the defensive is quite important. So far i've looked at:


OpenVAS (running to check for exploits)



Though I suspect there are other things one needs to do with logs...specifically making logs easy to read as most info will be in these. I've rerouted my mail so i can get at it anywhere so I do get occasional alerts which is good. Just wondered if there was anything else people would recommend?

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My company uses Scom software, to keep an on their servers. You can check it out, by vising this URL


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I keep it up to date, only run the services I need and wipe it once a month, but I don't run anything very important to me.

Another way to make a server more secure, is to install the server as a core server instead of a full installation. Only installing the services that are required and only managing the server through a shell command prompt instead of the GUI.

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