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[Version 1] Ipod/rockbox Rubber Ducky

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Ok so I was looking at my Ipod video 30gb that I have running an open source firmware called Rockbox and I noticed that in the Rockbox firmware there is an option for USB HID such as Mouse,Multimedia,Browser, and Presentation. so you can use the Ipod as a mouse or one of the other 3 options.

Now for the Question...

Do you think it might be possible to code a new USB Hid device such as a programmable keyboard into rockbox? So it would then be like an ipod version of the USB Rubber Ducky? Say you code the keyboard HID "plugin" to read the keyboard commands from say a text file (.txt) and then run it buy pressing the play button or having it run automatically. Maybe have multiple HID devices for different payloads. Also with the Rockbox firmware with USB HID turned on you still have access to the ipod hard drive,so you really don't have to worry about messing with sd or micro sd cards.

Well sorry for the semi long post,Just putting my ideas out there :)

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The teensy can be used as both a HID and an MSD at the same time it's just a matter of making it share the sdcard as the storage and not itself. That would be the hard part. You are more likely to have success sooner with a teensy than with the ipod or rockbox just because there is no interest in those communities for this sort of thing. You might even have issues sending arbitrary keystrokes without doing some recoding of their libs too so the teensy route is the way to go. Plus if you get bored with the ducky you can make all sorts of things with the teensy.

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Well, the source code is open, so one could have a build specifically for HID compatible Macros. And just about everyone has an old MP3 player that could be Rockboxed, so their is a base. Personally, I think this could have legs, especially due to the macro-latching to the physical buttons.

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Well from looking at the rockbox code it doesn't look that difficult to program. The hard part is making the plugin interface but rockbox already has docs on that. Rockbox actually makes it very easy to do HID functions if you look at the source code of the latest build.

rb->usb_hid_send(HID_USAGE_PAGE_KEYBOARD_KEYPAD, id);

But I'm not sure when it'll be possible (seems like they are still developing it: http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/UsbStackEnhancements) or how hard it'll be to do.

Although it is still in development, this is absolutely not true its just the documentation was never finished or kept up to date by the Summer Of Code 2009 people who programmed it.

The teensy can be used as both a HID and an MSD at the same time

As can rockbox. In fact, when I plug in my microsd card, it shows 2 separate MSDs and a HID

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