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Scanning For Vulnerable Hosts ?


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I was wondering how hackers can search for ip's that use a certain version of an OS ... for example xp sp 2 ?

What are the legalities of scanning ?

Could some one explain this in a little more detail?

please dont blank me because im new :(

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i figured it out :)


Would you mind sharing at all?

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advanced port scanner to scan for exploitable ports and then nmap to perform a more thorough examination

then there are options ... depending on the ports you find open ie.

139 to hack windows shares sometimes the admin password is blank lololol

and i've been using google to check for other exploitable options using metasploit

i checked port scanning out its not illegal as long as you dont hack the ports you find open lol :D

you may want to check depending on where you live.

not had much success yet but may post again if i get any further

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