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[Version 1] White Hat Ducky

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The Usb key-logging device can be used for white hat purposes

for instance Administration of a company who doesn't want there programmers to be messing around on the internet/etc and don't trust a "program" key logger because ... well they are programmers. :)

Another good use for them could be watching network trafic using the wifi addition suggestion in the post http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16290 made by sirpoonga.

It might be a way to keep an eye on a network when you don't have a personal computer.

I don't know what you could see possibly look for port scans or some other type of attack

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if u can create a library for decoding usb traffic on this chip then u can do a "usb tap" that would record AND pass thru, although this would require dual usb and some input abilities, whether it be on the keyboard on physical switches on the hardware (i would do this)

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