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Good Source Of Android Info


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im working on developing for android and am in need of a good place to get me used to the SDK. and a refresher on java wouldnt hurt either.

anyone have any suggestions?

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I don't wanna say google... but...

http://code.google.com/edu/android/index.html ;)

not quite what i was looking for but it helps :) ty

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for those who may be interested i found a good place


its a fair intro to developing for android with a simple example. it wont teach you java but i you know java its a good way to get a jumpstart.

while i may have found a place, more is always appreciated. especially i you can find some coursware like stanford engineering everywhere


sorry or double post. hit wrong button. sleep deprived lol

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The SDK documentation would be the best place for information. If you have an application idea it should be simple enough to work out, then use the documentation to find what you need to make it work.

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