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Cant Get Into Fon After Patching Kernel

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I had a FON which I sucessfully patched and installed Jasager1.2 I then tried to upgrade it to 2.1 but I have ran into some problems.

after I patch the Kernel with

mtd -e vmlinux.bin.l7 write openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma vmlinux.bin.l7


once it reboots I get a 169.x.x.x address and I cannot get back into it and so cannot install any apps (Jasager etc)

I have tried going through the tutorial several times. I have found that if I use Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash GUI utility and select external ROOTFS and KERNEL then I get a 192.168.1.X address and I can telnet then SSH back into the router.

But once I start to patch the Kernel im back to 169.x.x.x and cannot access it again. I have tried setting a fixed IP on the PC of but still the same error.

I can get to to the stage where I have Webif installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as im going around the bend :)


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Just use the Jasager firmware on Digininja's site.

Thanks for the reply Psychosis

I downloaded the firmware from Digininjas site (http://www.digininja.org/files/jasager_firmware_1.0.tar.bz2). I extracted the 2 files using 7 ZIP then flashed them using ap51-flash-fonera-gui-1.0-38 but unfortunatly I still get the ip of 169.x.x.x If I use the files openwrt-atheros-2.6-root.squashfs and openwrt-atheros-2.6-vmlinux.lzma from the old 1.2 Package then the router assigns and I can telnet etc.

Any ideas


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